A big THANK YOU to all the Journalists who have lent their support.

The press are often criticised, BUT I have been amazed by the incredible service given by the financial and business journalists who at risk of being personally sued, kept Inside Track in public view, they have been writing about Inside Track since 2003 (a big thank you Tony Levene!)


This page provides a selection of press and news reports.

Press & News

VERY GOOD NEWS BULLETIN for Inside Track Victims – March 1st 2017.

UNITED STATES: Chairman of Inside Track Jim Moore was arrested last Thursday and is being held in US jail for charges of fraud relating to Lake Austin Development.

HELEN JONES daughter of the developer PAUL OXLEY, who many of you will have spoke to, has also been arrested on charges of fraud relating to Lake Austin Development.

Between 2003 and 2010 Journalists fought hard against Instant Access Properties’ lawyers to get articles published in The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Times, Financial Times, Guardian, Observer, The Mail on Sunday, and Investors Chronicle, and coverage by BBC Inside Out, and BBC Radio 4.

One man in particular ‘stood up’ to IAP: in 2007 the owner of Singing Pig Forum received many threats from IAP’s lawyers Schillings to remove posts as angry members posted on his Forum – members who simply wanted to warn other people about IAP. We do have freedom of speech to tell about those who have wronged us… as far as possible the owner of Singing Pig kept the posts on site to act as a warning to other people.

Most importantly I want to thank everyone who has been supporting me over the past year.

Latest NEWS:

In November last year, Judge Floyd at the HIGH COURT ORDERED AN INVESTIGATION INTO THE DIRECTORS OF INSIDE TRACK with a view to banning them from holding company directorships in a case brought by the Insolvency Service. The judge said that there is a good case against them, primarily on the grounds that they evaded income tax and gave fabricated documents to HM Revenue and Customs.

This is excellent news as it proves at long last that the authorities have listened to the campaigns of national newspaper journalists, such as Richard Dyson, Tony Levene and Duncan Farmer, Merryn Somerset Webb, Henry Tricks and Claer Barrett as well as BBC, Radio 4 and to the thousands of Inside Track victims, such as you and me.

The Secretary of State has since issued proceedings against Maria Gifford, Brad Rosser and Jim Moore.


Court backs mis-selling claim against Inside Track by Duncan Farmer

Promises: Brad Rosser, former Vice Chairman of Inside Track



Inside Track victims contemplate group legal action

Tony Levene , Friday 8 July 2011

Tamsin Barks is trying to co-ordinate a group legal action after losses of £400,000.

Inside Track promised riches but went bust. Now its property investors are going to court try to recoup their money



Inside Track victims build legal fighting fund




Buy-to-let victims of Inside Track plan joint legal challenge for mis-sold homes

By Jo Thornhill – 26th June 2011

Campaigner: Former vet Tamsin Barks wants ‘justice done’.



Buy-to-let investors gear up to sue Inside Track

Mortgage Solutions,  27 Jun 2011 – Vicky Hartley



Saturday 16 February 2008 -Tony Levene

Safe as houses? ‘This cost me £350,000′



Directors of Instant Access Properties – latest news

Posted by Tamsin Barks on November 7, 2011



Foreign ‘investment’ homes leave woman facing bankruptcy -Tuesday 1st April 2008



Anger as buy-to-let guru plans vulture fund to buy back slump- hit property at a big discount

By Sebastian O’kelly and Richard Dyson 13th December 2008



Cautionary tale about Jim Moore‘s IAP Global

By Andrew Penman on February 3, 2009



Ex-Inside Track customer takes directors to court – Wednesday 1st December 2010
A former customer of Inside Track has won the first round of a legal battle against the collapsed property firm.