Maria Gifford was involved with IAP since it’s incorporation on April 8th 2002, she became director of all 17 companies that formed the Inside Track Group of Companies. This included Inside Track, IAP, Fuel and¬†Aftercare.The group had a collective turnover in excess of ¬£200,000,000. They took millions of $’s and millions of euros in offshore commissions on the very properties they introduced to members. Maria Gifford attended board meetings, had her own PA, her own office in Kingston, and of course a very intimate knowledge of what went on inside the Inside Track Group.

When the Secretary of State issued proceedings against her she claimed “she was suffering mental stress by what she considered an unfounded claim hanging over her head.”
In his judgment Justice Floyd told the High Court that ” As far as Ms Gifford is concerned, having considered the evidence against her, I see no reason to classify her involvement in a significantly different way.” (full judgement available from The High Court – Chancery Division)
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Spotlight on Maria Gifford

Maria Gifford knew what the company was promising it’s members. By February 2004, Kingston’s Assistant Head of Trading Standards Officer had received so many complaints that he called her in to explain IAP’s activities to him. He will give evidence in court.
As a chartered accountant, she perhaps more than the others knew precisely what the company was doing and how it would affect members.

The Secretary of State recently issued proceedings against her; it is highly likely that if Maria Gifford is banned as a company director she will be stripped of her professional qualifications and licence to practise as an accountant.

Last year Ms Gifford committed perjury in court, this is a serious offence that will have serious implications for her.

If you had any direct dealings with Maria Gifford during your time as a member it could be helpful if you contact me.

“Instant Access Properties was a member of the ‘Inside Track Group’ of companies which collectively were the largest provider of residential of-plan property investment and support services in the UK.” Chantrey Vellacott

The structure chart below is a guide showing the various companies in the Group: