We can stand up to these people and claim our rights.

The Law is clear if Directors commit fraud through a company they can be held personally liable.

In 2006 Jim Moore and Brad Rosser, the “founders”, Chairman and Vice-Chairman of IAP were listed in The Times Rich list with personal fortunes of £78 and £70 million.
I am the first IAP member to openly challenge the former directors of IAP in The High Court. This case has the potential to pave the way for every other member to get compensation. I am also orchestrating a group legal action which over 300 former members have already joined.
You can Join Us In The Road To Recovery.
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In the UK Courts

4 years ago I found out:

o there was no RICS due diligence on any of my properties
o IAP took secret commissions totally around £150,000 on my properties
o the discounts were false
o the rental income had been fabricated

With support from Vince Cable MP and top lawyers I am mounting a “lead case” against those who “masterminded” IAP in the High Court. This is the first case which will hold the former directors of IAP personally responsible for their actions.

The former directors are putting up a tough battle – but three of them now face additional proceedings against them from The Secretary of State for Tax fraud.

Taking a “Lead Action” in Court:

The legal action I have begun in The High Court is about holding the people who “masterminded” and “operated” IAP to account.

The 4 directors of IAP were Jim Moore ( Chairman), Brad Rosser ( Vice-Chairman), Maria Gifford ( Director)  and Tony McKay (COO and Director)

I have personally paid over £30,000 for barrister’s advice: The Law is clear Directors of companies can be held personally liable for fraud.

I have been working full time (with no pay) for 4 years to bring this lead action, in addition over £200,000 has been spent on legal counsel to bring the case to the brink of being heard in The High Court.

IAP and Inside Track had a turnover in excess of £200 million. They took millions of $’s and million’s of EUR’s  in offshore commissions on the properties they introduced to IAP members.

Mr Moore had effective control of over 70% of the companies shares and Mr Rosser 20%.

Both Jim Moore and Brad Rosser were listed in The Times Rich List with personal fortunes of £78 million and £70 million.

I am not doing this just for me, I want everyone else to benefit as well.

I am keen to see justice done and I have spoken to hundreds of other former members who feel the same way.

My role is to bring together the facts but I have to raise funds for barristers to represent the case in The High Court

This is a critical moment: Mr Moore has so far failed to defend himself, Mr Rosser and Mr McKay have together spent over £600,000 trying to get rid of me (we are up against some very wealthy individuals), while Maria Gifford resorted to committing perjury in court (this has very serious implications for her).

Someone had to be responsible for what went on in that company.

What you can do to help:

As the battle continues for us to get justice and compensation from the directors of IAP, this fight is only possible with the help and support of fellow IAP members, and I know that you are keen to ensure that this case continues. For that to happen I am asking for your help to allow me to pursue justice; A small donation from you will enable me to fight on.

Throughout the four years fighting this the other side have sort to win through various attempts to drive me into bankruptcy, but through the amazing support of others they have not been able to do this and it is vitally important this doesn’t happen because my case is paving the way for the class action. They know that once I win it will open the flood gates for thousands of others to follow.

Each day that I am able to fight on I am collecting more and more valuable information which will help the class action. I am in contact and helping 2,500 fellow IAP victims and have spent 4 years working 7 days a week on this quest for justice for all of us.

While I am happy to put in my time, this work relies on voluntary donations from people grateful for the steps I am taking on everyone’s behalf, who want to be part of this fight for justice.

If every members sends £100, £30 or £50, we can fight them. You can make your donation here:


However small your contribution, every penny will be used to pay for legal counsel to continue the fight. As I overturn each obstacle it will pave the way for a smoother class action.

I am grateful to everyone who is helping make this possible and for all your messages of encouragement.

Class Action

This is where a group of people with the same or similar claims get together and share the cost of litigation.

I want my last four years of hard work to benefit all wronged members. Last year I took the step of approaching a firm of solicitors who have previous experience of taking  group litigations; this firm looked at my documents and are convinced we have a very strong claim against one or all of IAP’s directors.

They have already started doing the preliminary work to change my case into a class action; this involves establishing other member’s claims. Over 300 people have already joined up and between them raised over £120,000, this is paying for the detailed inspection of IAP company papers. In addition to taking counsels advice, the solicitors will be looking for the absence of RICS valuations in your due diligence files and evidence of secret commissions being taken by IAP on the properties they sold you.

The sign up deadline for this first stage has now passed, but there will be a future opportunity for anyone who has lost money to join at a later date, indeed over 1100 member’s have already indicated that they would like to join.

With many of us pursuing our right for justice these people can and will be held to account.

We are fast becoming a formidable force to be reckoned with.

If you have been affected by Inside Track and would like the chance to join this action please register here:

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9 thoughts on “In the UK Courts

  1. These people have completely wiped out mine and my families inheritance due to a catalogue of lies, hidden costs and a whole assortment of inaccuracies provided at there Instant Access seminars.

      • I would like to say that because of these people my husband and I will have to rely on the government to keep us in our retirement (not a very nice prospect) as this so called scheme was meant to be our retirement package (more fools us)

  2. I was one of the early fish that these awful people hooked in and like Tamsin lost everything. They set off a chain of events that has brought me to my knees. I applaud the work you are doing Tamsin and stand beside you in seeking to get reparation for the lost money, the lost health and wellbeing and the lost years in worry and terrible anxiety. I urge all those who have been affected to get in touch and to lend a hand to bring these people to justice. Let them have a tast of their own medicine! Best wishes to you all. Janet Wood

  3. I have just seen your site and seen what such a scam has done to ordinary hard working people – many responsible people duped by schemes in the hey day of property deals.

    I answered one ad for this company and was deluged by emails to join, attend, buy, get rich – why wasn’t I doing it? Have a discount. It all seemed too good and easy. I did something worse, buy in Spain, off plan. Another scam which has robbed me of my life, peace, will to live some days as struggle to keep going is so hard. I had it all, now, will face life in poverty – the very thing that I wanted to protect myself from; lost the future for my children too – and the lawyers, not sure who to trust.

    I applaud you Tamsin, as a mother, alone, trying to battle daily to find the will and tenacity to continue – I wish you and others success, even though my battle is lost…..at least you are in UK courts – Spanish one’s, to be avoided at all costs.

  4. Hi Tamsin,

    Reading of your experiences (and of those who have encountered similar problems) with IAP, I cannot help but sympathise. Although I only purchased one property in the UK through IAP, it was enough to leave me financially at a loss for many years. Even now I have several issues in relation to rental income not being anywhere near what was advertised and the conundrum of negative equity.

    I had a couple of questions for you;
    1. Is your cause still ‘alive’ and has it progressed any further?
    2. A company named Litigation Services SL (based in Malaga, Spain) has contacted me in relation to claims against IAP. Unsure if they are genuine and if you (and other IAP ex-customers) have dealt with them ?


    • Dear George,
      The same issues regarding rental income not being anywhere near what was advertised and the conundrum of negative equity, affect everyone I have spoken to.
      Sadly Litigation Services SL are a boiler room scam, you should report them to the police.
      Before he closed down IAP Jim Moore sold himself the IAP data base – which means he can continue to use it for his own purposes.
      You should always beware of anyone who cold calls you on IAP matters.
      Happy to chat Tamsin 01444 452279

  5. Hello Tamsin
    I purchased through Inside Track and IAP three properties in 2005/06. Paid the vast joining fees, bought in Manchester, Newcastle and attempted Middlesbrough but the developer defaulted and didn’t start to build the property. After many months even years I smelt a rat and requested my deposit back because we had exchanged but the developer had built nothing. IAP refused and said they were asserting pressure on the developer. I had a stroke of luck however as a member of their Kingston firm accidentally replied to a large group of investors (rather than using Bcc). I contacted all of them and asked them to join a lobby to pressurize Tony McKay to pay our exchange monies and deposit back. IAP argument was that the exchange funds had gone to the developer and he had gone bust and so they were lost. I threatened with the group of some 30, to go to the Press if they didn’t refund us. After much battling we were successful in having that development refunded. For me some 13K. For Manchester and Newcastle neither rents stacked up, I lost hundreds each months for years until by a turn of luck interest rates went really low and as I had come off my 5 year fixed rates I then started to make them pay for themselves. However neither property gained any capital growth in 10 years. In the end last year I sold both. Manchester for the same price I paid for it, so effectively at a loss when you take finders fees and selling costs into account. Newcastle was grossly over valued and so sold for 110K but I had purchased at 122K (and that was a Gifted Deposit so called discount!) so lost a fat 12K there plus costs etc. 10 years on those flats are not worth what we paid (Ouseburn Wharf). I was called on the 17th of May by a Louise Archer claiming to be from Delta Litigation judging by you posts this is yet another scam? Should I contact Surrey police? Please can you advise have you had any success, it’s not possible to tell from the Website.


    • Dear Tom,
      Yes please report Delta Litigation to the police, Also I am happy to talk to you.
      Your experience with Tony McKay is just typical, lucky you threatened them with the press and got a group together.
      with best wishes Tamsin 0772 306 2070

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