Did you lose money through Freedom Portfolio?

Did you lose money through IAP Global?

Do you want to hold those responsible to account?

“Directors of companies can be disqualified if members of the public have been disadvantaged by a companies actions.”

Here is what YOU can do>>>>

IAP Global

Background of IAP Global
Jim Moore and Tony Mackay started a phoenix company IAP Global following the collapse of Inside Track. They promised to: “Help members with uncompleted off plan investments.” They started a sister company Freedom Portfolio which promised 5 BMV investment properties for an up front fee of £40,000. After collecting millions of ££”S from clients and failing to supply investments these companies were wound up. Leaving behind yet another string of victims…

Do you want Mr Moore and Mr McKay to be held accountable?


Report Moore and McKay!    It is our job to inform the right people.

SEND a letter to these four people:
Kevin Murphy – Ruth Kaiser – Rachael Harvey – Mark Bruce

STEP ONE: Write to Kevin Murphy the liquidator of IAP Ltd

In 2008 Kevin Murphy the liquidator of IAP Ltd allowed IAP Global to “re-form” as a phoenix company following an approach by two IAP directors. Moore and McKay said without “their help” we would not have the “support” we needed.

Moore and McKay went ahead and set up IAP Global Ltd using the IAP data-base, the same office premises, same email accounts, intellectual property, phone lines and staff.

While many early members of IAP were absolutely horrified that Mr Moore and Mr McKay were just allowed to shut down IAP and continue with exactly the same business under IAP Global, Kevin Murphy believed Jim Moore and Tony McKay when they told him that IAP Global would “assist members”- you can find full details in the liquidators report available from Mr Murphy.

Prior to placing IAP into voluntary administration, Jim Moore had arranged for the millions of $’s and millions of EUR’s in commissions to be sold to Engle, a company he controlled.

These were commissions due to IAP from developers on the properties they had introduced to members ($16.5 million in US and 6 million EUR’s in Europe).


Mr Murphy has PROMISED to investigate this.

You need to let Mr Murphy know IF YOU:

  • Completed on a property in Spain or Florida after May 2008.
  • Were asked to pay more fees to IAP Global for services.
  • IAP Global encouraged you to complete on financially suicidal property purchases, where they misled you about the true market value of the property and achievable rental.

Kevin Murphy
Chantrey Vellacott DFK,
Russell Square House
10-12 Russell Square

STEP TWO: Write to Ruth Kaiser the liquidator of IAP Global Ltd

IAP Global took a further £4 million in fees before being placed into “voluntary” administration by Mr McKay.

When a company goes into liquidation the liquidator winds up the company. A liquidator who believes there has been wrong-doing by any of the directors, or that “members of the public were disadvantaged by the company” they will send a report to the Insolvency Bureau.
The Insolvency Bureau can then take action to disqualify them as directors.

Proceedings have already been issued against Maria Gifford, Brad Rosser and Jim Moore.

NO action has yet been taken against Anthony McKay.

You need to let Ruth Kaiser know IF YOU:

  • Were encouraged to complete on deals when it was clearly financial suicide to do so.
  • If you were threatened:  ” If you don’t pay X , we will not help you complete on your property.”
  • If you paid substantial sums of money for Portfolios of BMV properties and received nothing.
  • You asked for your money back and it was not returned. (Some members wrote hundreds of emails – all in vain.)

Ruth needs to have this information to report back to The Insolvency Bureau, they will then consider the fitness of these people to be directors.

Ruth Kaiser
Wilson Field,
Head Office
The Manor House
260 Eccleshall Road South
S11 9PS

STEP THREE: Write to Rachel Harvey the liquidator of Freedom Portfolios (Director: Anthony McKay)

Many IAP Global members were asked to pay fees to Mr McKay’s company Freedom Portfolios Ltd rather than IAP Global.

In November 2010 Freedom Portfolio was compulsorily “wound up” by a former member of IAP. It cost him over £7,000, but he said “They had to be STOPPED.”

You need to let Rachael Harvey know IF YOU:

o Paid substantial sums for Portfolios of BMV properties and received nothing.

o If you asked for your money back and it was not returned to you.

o If either Jim Moore and or Anthony McKay misled you, if you had reason to complain to them and failed to get a satisfactory outcome.

Rachael will also be sending her report to the The Head Company Investigations at the Insolvency Bureau.

Rachel Harvey
Wilson Field,
Head Office
The Manor House
260 Eccleshall Road South
S11 9PS

STEP FOUR: Copy YOUR letter/letters to Mark Bruce, Head of Companies Investigation at:

Mark Bruce
Chief Examiner
Head of Company Investigation London 2
The Insolvency Service
21 Bloomsbury Street

that’s it…….

3 thoughts on “IAP Global

  1. Following the apparent collapse of the Union Point, Clapham, London development I am just putting together my evidence in support of a potential mis-selling claim by IAP Global. I also have similar dissatisfaction in relation to developments in Brazil, Glasgow and a small lost deposit on a Dubai development.

    I had a detailed meeting with Tony McKay in Kingston in August 2009 in which he committed, in writing, to redressing the failures of IAP. Needless to say he failed to return subsequent emails and then disappeared. I have a copy of every single email exchanged with IAP and IAP Global.

    I’m happy to let you have any information that would be helpful.

  2. Please can someone advise me. I bought an off-plan flat in Dudley Street in Luton in 2009. Unfortunately, I believe this development never materialised as the company that took over from Inside Track, namely IAP Global Ltd went insolvent. I did spend many hours on the phone / email with them to no avail. What I would like to know is whether there is any way of recouping the money I invested. And if so, how?
    Thanking you in advance.

    • Dear Rob, Feel free to give me a call and we can chat through your situation – there is no cure-all but there may be something that can be done. Tamsin 0772 306 2070

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