In 2010 I set up The IAP Members Forum so IAP members could contact each other.

This year Maxforum sold out to Yuku which made the original site very difficult to use and manage. If you want to view historic posts go to the old forum, for membership of the new forum or more up to date posts visit the new forum.

If you are facing a difficulty; whether it be a problem with a management agent, escalating service charges or problems with the build, it may help to contact other members at your development and find solutions together.
IMPORTANT NOTE : Members are responsible for the content of their own posts; please refrain from posting anything defamatory – that is not backed by evidence – it could get me into trouble! I have already received threatening letters from IAP Director Ms Gifford’s lawyers to remove posts concerning her. (Also be aware that both Brad Rosser and Anthony McKay have posted on the forum under various aliases.)