Deposit Recovery in Florida

On many IAP developments the developer failed to build the property within 2 years; did you know he has to pay you back 100% of your deposit and interest on that money?

In some cases the interest alone exceeds $60,000.

If the money has gone “missing” the developer could face criminal charges.
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Deposit Recovery in Florida

Last year I was instrumental in enabling members to reclaim their deposit money from Maesbury Homes and the now defunct Lake Austin development in Florida. It was very clear that members had been badly misled with regards to the “investment potential” of these properties, I also knew IAP had benefited from $millions in commissions from selling these developments to their members.

It seemed sensible to pull out of these financially suicidal properties, but many members were simply unaware of the process for claiming the return of their full deposit plus interest from the developer.

I spoke to several attorneys before I felt happy to recommend Florida Attorney Greg Stoner to fellow members- I have absolute faith in him that he does his best for all his clients.

Latest NEWS From Florida:

We NOW have excellent News for ALL IAP Members who are as yet undecided about what to do regarding their deposits:

Just before Christmas Mr Stoner secured a judgement against Lake Austin Properties (the developer of Avalon, Magnolia Woods and Grande Palisades), and Paul Oxley himself were both charged by US courts to repay sums between $150.000 and $200,000 to 15 IAP Members.

In one case bought by attorney Greg Stoner the interest alone the developer has been ordered to pay exceeded $60,000.

In total the developer has been ordered to pay back these 15 IAP Members a total of almost $2.5 million.

No wonder the developer ( through companies like Affinity who worked for him ) wanted to fob you off with a measly portion of your escrow money, when he knew you could get $150,000-200,000 if you went through an attorney.

This is your money – remember you have a right to it.

We know over $50,000,000 was paid to the developer, money that is waiting to be recovered by members.

THE JUDGE made the following factual findings:

“minimal site preparation and no other construction activity has been started for the Magnolia Woods resorts phase”. 

Where did your money go?

Under Florida construction law it is a criminal offence for a developer to use condo construction deposits, for any purpose other than physical construction of your block.

If you are not already in the process of recovering of your deposit – Make sure you claim your rights – My advice would be to do this as soon as possible, the first people will find it easiest to get their money from the developer.

Mr Stoner is the attorney who secured these judgments

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