My name is Tamsin Barks. I am the first IAP member to bring a case in The High Court against the former directors of IAP for the fraudulent miss-selling of UK and International Property. This case is of immense significance.
Jim Moore and Brad Rosser, the “founders”, Chairman and Vice Chairman of IAP were listed in The Times Rich List with personal fortunes of £78 and £70 million.
I have orchestrated a group legal action in the UK and over 300 former members have already joined. I am also putting many people in touch with lawyers to help recover their lost deposits in Spain and Florida. For the past 4 years I have represented fellow members on the liquidators committee of IAP.

If you missed Rip Off Britain you can see me here with Angela Rippon:

Fighting IAP

NEWS BULLETIN for Inside Track Victims – March 1st 2017.

UNITED STATES: Chairman of Inside Track Jim Moore was arrested last Thursday and is being held in US jail for charges of fraud relating to Lake Austin Development.


The legal definition of fraud:

A false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury.

What happened to you may well have been a criminal fraud. On your own it is an expensive and difficult thing to prove. As part of a class action you can cheaply have this matter pursued to its logical and just conclusion by proper legal team. There are a large number of us who are now in this action together pooling evidence and using our combined resource efficiently.

Inside Track together with sister company Instant Access Properties were multi-million pound enterprises. They had a collective turnover of £200 million. They offered us property discounted by 10-15% from market prices secured on the basis of our aggregated buying power. IAP was a large company they sold 1 in 11 of all newly built properties in the UK, so it seemed plausible. We were to enjoy the benefit of extensive due diligence which they told us included RICS (or equivalent surveys) on all properties. They claimed to scour the globe in search of the best deals. For these services we paid Membership fees ranging from £6-8000 (depending on Jim Moore‘s deal of the day!) plus a monthly subscription and finders fee on all purchases.

In 2008, after paying themselves multi-million pound dividends, IAP was placed into voluntary liquidation. A phoenix company (IAP Global) was started by the same directors it collected circa £3.5 million of client’s fees, before being wound up.

Jim Moore and Brad Rosser the Chairman and Vice Chairman of IAP both became listed in The Times Rich List with personal fortunes in excess of £70 Million. The other two directors of IAP were Maria Gifford and Anthony “Tony” McKay.

If you had any direct contact with the above directors by phone, email or during  presentations, do please get in touch with me your information could be valuable.

NOW The Secretary of State has issued proceedings against Maria Gifford, Jim Moore and Brad Rosser for tax fraud, this involved the $ Millions of commissions they collected on the sale of our Florida Properties.

The Lies IAP Told:

Lie – 100% of the discount goes to the clients.
Fact – The directors arranged for massive hidden commissions to be paid to themselves and other companies they controlled. They had direct interests in some of the foreign developments they sold. Frequently their clients paid more for the properties than members of the public, a direct result of the hidden commissions.


Lie – Properties were chosen on the basis of extensive due diligence including RICS surveys.
In the US IAP acted as an agent selling almost exclusively properties where the directors had large undisclosed interests. In Spain clients often paid above the market price in order to accommodate IAP’s undeclared commission. There is almost no evidence of independent RICS type surveys for these properties.


I could go on and on about the number of specific lies told to members by the organisation in order to get clients to invest. Sometimes they concealed that rentals did not cover the mortgage, for example when this information was known (Bahama Bay). Other times clients were led to believe that deposits were fully protected by bank guarantee. The examples are literally endless.


In 2006 ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) rulings found that Inside Track Seminars breached codes of Responsibility, Honesty and Truthfulness.

What Can We Do?

I am taking an action in the High Court to hold the directors of IAP personally responsible. The action is costly, I need to pay for the best legal counsel to argue the case in court, and it represents a massive financial risk for me personally. BUT holding the directors personally responsible is of immense significance and is about creating a way for everyone else to make a claim without needing to take the immense personal risks I am taking.

AS I overturn each obstacle it paves the way for a smoother class action.

As the battle continues for us to get justice and compensation from the directors of IAP, the fight is only possible due to the help and support of fellow IAP members. Many members feel the same as me that we should bring these people to justice and get compensation from them for our losses.

If you are keen to ensure that this case continues, you can support me. A small donation from you will enable me to fight on.

Please Click below to support this action

With many of us pursuing our right for justice these people can and will be held to account.

I want to thank everyone who has already been kind enough to send donations which are keeping my case in the courts, however small your donation it will enable me to continue the fight. It allows me to keep going and as I overturn each obstacle it will pave the way for a smoother class action.


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  1. Hi Tamsin, I bought property in Portugal and Salford Quays through iap, I would like to join any groups etc that can give me any information on this subject

    Thank you in anticipation

    • Dear Susan,
      I am always happy to speak to anyone like me who lost money through Inside Track, and see if I can help you.
      So far I have helped people recover $10 million of lost deposit money in USA.
      I found lawyer in Spain who is acting for hundreds of people who lost deposits and the court have ruled the return of over 8 million euro.
      It is also possible to get money back if Fuel Mortgage Brokers ( part of the Inside Track Group) told you to take the money out of your home to buy property at the seminars.
      You are welcome to call me on 01444 452279

  2. Tasmin,

    I was also a member and lost a significant amount of money purchasing a property in Spain through Instant Access, is it possible to join your group in a bid to recover the monies we lost.



    • Hi Gavin,
      Sorry i have been away and don’t always check my emails through the site.

      Recently I have been helping people get money back from Spain ( I have helped people get back over 4 million euro)

      Also if you took the money out of your home through Fuel you may be able to get back up to £100,000 compensation from FSCS. I can put you in contact with a company who will see if you have a valid claim and won’t charge you for this- they only charge a % of money they recover for you.

      I may be able to help call me on 01444 452279 – we can have a quick chat Tamsin

      PS Beware of anyone who cold calls you – they are likely to be connected with Inside Track directors – who scammed us in the first place. Particularly Delta Litigation who are a boiler room scam operating out of Spain – ( Jim Moore had a base in Spain )- I have a Crime reference number to report them to the police if they attempt to contact you.

    • I would contact Lawbird in Spain who are have taken these cases over from Plus Advisors and have now got rulings for the return of more than 8 million euro to Inside Track Victims

  3. Hi Tamsin,
    I bought properties in Florida, Spain, Cyprus. all failed, in Florida I had to do a short sale and walk away, Spain never got built no money back, Cyprus couldn’t get a mortgage had to sell back to the developer only got £20,000 back.
    I would like to know a bit more on how you are getting on and are you making much progress?

    • Hi Jeremy,
      Sorry i have been away and don’t always check my emails through the site.

      Recently I have been helping people get money back from Spain ( I have helped people get back over a million euro) ( with rulings for more than 8 million euro to be returned) So this is hopeful for you if your property was never built- we should speak.

      Also if you took the money out of your home through Fuel you may be able to get back up to £100,000 compensation from FSCS. I can put you in contact with a company if you like to call me. It may be you also have a valid claim.

      I may be able to help call me on 01444 452279 – we can have a quick chat Tamsin

      PS Beware of anyone who cold calls you – they are likely to be connected with Inside Track directors – who scammed us in the first place. Particularly Delta Litigation who are a boiler room scam operating out of Spain – ( Jim Moore had a base in Spain )- I have a Crime reference number to report them to the police if they attempt to contact you.

  4. Hi Tamsin,

    I have recently been approached by a Catherine Sanderson from Delta Litigation who cold called me from Spain. I have forwarded a chunk of information regarding my failed investments in Manchester and Leeds bought through Inside Track. They claim to be able to get make a substantial claim on my behalf which will be paid from a fund created in Spain by the confiscated assets of the former Directors of IAP. The only costs to me would be for translation fees and a 10% commission on any monies refunded to me by the Spanish Courts. This money would supposedly be repaid directly to me and therefore the risk to me looks small but even hundreds of pounds to me is enough money to lose after all that has happened. Is this a scam? I would like to have the benefit of your advice on this subject.
    Kind Regards

  5. Hi Tamsin,

    Are you still recommending that we look into getting compensation for Fuel miss-advising us to increase our home mortgages and using the money to but properties from Inside Track?, and have you heard of anyone getting any compensation through this route (or any other route) Have you received any compensation yourself (don’t answer if you feel this is a private matter)
    Good luck and thanks for taking this issue up,on behalf of all of us. If people are getting anything back especially where you have played a part, it would be nice them making a contribution to your fightning fund ( a few % of their recovered loses, even 1%)


    • Yes Chris, I can give you information about a company who will be able to help you, you can contact me privately, and we have Lawbird in Spain who are getting back 8 million euro of Members deposit money. This was on top of our success in Florida in getting people’s escrow money back.
      Not everyone can be helped unfortunately but I am always happy to talk to Inside Track victims who contact me. Tamsin

    • Dear Chris,
      Feel free to give me a call and we can chat through your situation, I have to let you know I am not a claims company and won’t charge you – what i know is built up through many years of fighting these people and helping IAP victims.
      Tamsin 0772 306 20 70

  6. Hi Tamsin,

    My husband and I brought two properties through Inside Track and although we have not suffered horrifically like many others as our properties have nearly always been rented out and covered most of the repayments (interest only) on the mortgages, the properties 9/10yrs on are only now worth what we paid for them. Is there anything we can do so as to reclaim any money? Some of your other posts mention claims made via XXXXX XXXXXXX. What exactly are people claim for? And do you think we may be entitled to do the same? Any advice on this would be gratefully received. We like so many spent a lot of money with Inside Track and Instant Access and feel we were grossly mislead.


    • Hi Naomi, Sorry I have been in bed with flu- but happy to chat to you over the weekend and see if there is anything that can be done to help you. Tamsin 01444 452279

  7. Hi Tamsin
    We lost a lot of money investing in Flordia (as well as England). Id be interested to hear how you were able to get people’s escrow money back from Florida (well done by the way!).

    Any advice would be helpful.

  8. HI Tasmin
    i was contacted last year by delta litigation ,i sent a copy of my dealing with instant access.with a fee of 500 euro.for them to recoup my deposite.the last email i got they sent me forms to give them power of atorney.
    just last week i have being contacted by plus advisory the same firm that worked on buying the property,offering to work with me to recoup my deposite ,can you tel me is plus advisory also a scam.

    • Dear Michael,
      You should never give your Power of Attorney to anyone who randomly cold calls you out of the blue, when you don’t really know who they are and have never met them and are unable to properly establish who they are.
      If you do you are inviting trouble for yourself.
      I have consulted the police about the activities of Delta Litigation – it turns out they are a boiler room scam run by someone who had all our contact details ( this data base of names was bought by Jim Moore form the companies shortly before he closed down Inside Track/Instant Access).
      The Crime Reference Number when you report Delta Liigation to the police is 45150016364.

      Detective Constable Garside was working on the case, when I first reported the matter.

      Her e-mail is;

      Telephone Number: 014836–37746

      You are unlikely to see the return of your 500 euro.

      Several Links explain how a very similar scam under the name of ‘Fastline’ was also contacting Inside Track Victims ( almost straight after it was reported in the press, and the FCA issued a warning, Delta Litigation started up in it’s place :

      A warning was placed on the FCA website and Tony Levene wrote an article exposing them.

      Do feel free to give me a call – I can answer any further questions you have about both Plus and Delta Litigation ( I have a Crime Reference number to report Delta Litigation)

      With regards to your lost deposit in Spain we have a lawyer in Marbella Spain: Antonio Flores of Lawbird who has taken over around 300 cases from Plus Advisors and has obtained judgments for the return of 8 million euro for these people.

      If you contact Antonio he can advise you about your particular case.

      He is also taking a number of negligence cases against Plus Advisors who failed to properly protect your deposits in the first place. You can discuss this option with him.

      Unlike Plus Advisors if you check out Lawbird’s credentials you will find he is a properly registered Law firm.
      You can visit Lawbird’s office in the heart of the business district in Marbella, and meet the teams of lawyers working on these cases they are always happy to meet and speak to their clients.
      Antonio Flores /Lawbird’s contact details are

      Antonio Flores
      Abogado/Lawyer LLM (Essex) – Reg. Nº 4712 I.C.A. Málaga

      C/ Ricardo Soriano 19 – 4º – 29601 Marbella – Spain
      Tel: +34 952861890 – Fax: +34 952861695 – Member of the community

      I hope his helps – call me if you have other questions.

      with best wishes Tamsin

      My number is 01444 452279

  9. Hi Tasmiin,

    I was contacted three times in February by Louise Archer of Delta Litigation . The first was a cold call where she introduced herself and her company and offered there services to recover through the Spanish Courts the money I had lost with IAP. Fortunately unlike a lot of people my losses were restricted to membership, Seminar and one property commission. I said I would look up the paper work I still had but would not be prepared top hand over any money. There was second call from her to check my progress and then a third call where I said I had the paperwork but would not be proceeding due to what I had read on the internet. There was an immediate change in her attitude and she became quite aggressive and loud claiming that I the information on the web was totally wrong and ‘those’ sites are only in existence for a matter of hours before they are shut down. She suggested I was a fool if I believed them and if I could afford to lose what I had paid then then good luck. She then hung up.
    I will follow up with the police case number.


  10. DearTamsin,

    We have recently been contacted by an organisation called “The Claims Bureau” who said that they can help get back our Spanish Property deposit and they have sent us a set of claim forms.
    I note from the details at the bottom of their papers that they are in fact

    “The Mortgage Claims Bureau Limited” , and state that they are

    “Regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities. CRM No: 30565

    I understand from the initial conversation that they “acquired” the details of Inside Track and Instant Access Properties clients from someone who worked there!

    Best regards,

    June & Barrie James

    • Dear June and Barrie,
      You are correct.
      They appear to be working closely with Scott Winskell, who was the former head of Fuel, Scott managed Fuel from 2005 to 2007. Fuel was set up by Brad Rosser the Vice Chairman of Inside Track and were working within the same Inside Track offices at Surrey House in Kingston. The FCA should have put a stop to them back in 2005. Instead we lost our homes, while Brad Rosser was listed in The Times Rich list with a fortune of £72 million, built up from the £25,000 he put into Inside Track Group.

      Fuel were the people responsible for miss-advising us in the first place.

      Most people’s losses far exceed the £50,000 limit for compensation given by the FSCS.

      The reason we cannot claim for their all their losses from Fuel, the company Scott Winskell headed up, and instead have to claim the limited compensation from the FCA, is that it was shut down, and he now operates under a very similar name, but because it is a different company we cannot get compensation from them. It looks like Scott Winskell who formerly worked for the Inside Track Group/Fuel is profiting from the very mis-advice he gave that caused so much suffering to so many of his clients.
      You can contact me privately for more information. I know of a number of independent companies who can help you.
      with best regards Tamsin 01444 452279

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