Brad Rosser was the “co-founder” and Vice-Chairman, he controlled 20% of IAP shares. “What we have done here is create an end to end service that benefits all those involved.” Brad Rosser became listed in The Times Rich List in 2006 with a personal fortune of £70 million.

The Secretary of State has now issued formal proceeding against Mr Rosser for matters of Tax fraud – this involves millions of $’s of commissions secretly paid by developers in Florida on properties purchased by IAP members.
The law is clear if directors commit fraud they can be held personally responsible for that fraud.
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Spotlight on Brad Rosser

Why would Brad Rosser not want us to see him lecturing to Oxford Brookes University students in 2009? ( see above )
To view videos Brad Rosser did not want you to see check out here:

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He really wants to get rid of me…Brad keeps deleting video of him talking to Oxford Brookes University Students, and IAP Members!


The legal definition of fraud:

A false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury.

What happened to you may well have been a criminal fraud. On your own it is an expensive and difficult thing to prove. As part of a class action you can cheaply have this matter pursued to its logical and just conclusion by proper legal team. There are a large number of us who are now in this action together pooling evidence and using our combined resource efficiently.

Email received from IAP Member June 2012:

“Am desperate to recoup some monies as am about to lose my home due to IAP. They advised me to remortgage my home to fund buying properties through them. l went from having no mortgage on my home to now having a £200,000 mortgage which l cannot repay. l am so angry that l got sucked in like this, but trusted them implicitly and their claims. How stupid l feel. Am receiving psychiatric treatment and have contemplated committing suicide due to IAP actions, and now would love them to pay for their despicable behaviour.”

Sun Sets on the sharks IAP Portfolio Magazine Summer 2005

Rosser: “We would welcome regulation in the UK -as an opportunity for us- as the largest player in the industry- to drive out the less ethical players who, though association, taint our industry. As a business, we run ourselves as if we were regulated.”

Rosser: “We act in the interest of our member’s at all times- we negotiate discounts with property developers on our member’s behalf..”

Transparent Deals IAP Portfolio Magazine Autumn 2005

Brad Rosser, a founder of Instant Access Properties and Inside Track Seminars, insisted that both companies operated as if they were regulated.”


If you had any direct dealings with Brad Rosser please contact me.