My name is Tamsin Barks. I am the first IAP member to bring a case in The High Court against the former directors of IAP for the fraudulent miss-selling of UK and International Property. This case is of immense significance.
Jim Moore and Brad Rosser, the “founders”, Chairman and Vice Chairman of IAP were listed in The Times Rich List with personal fortunes of £78 and £70 million.
I have orchestrated a group legal action in the UK and over 300 former members have already joined. I am also putting many people in touch with lawyers to help recover their lost deposits in Spain and Florida. For the past 4 years I have represented fellow members on the liquidators committee of IAP.

If you missed Rip Off Britain you can see me here with Angela Rippon:

Fighting IAP

NEWS BULLETIN for Inside Track Victims – March 1st 2017.

UNITED STATES: Chairman of Inside Track Jim Moore was arrested last Thursday and is being held in US jail for charges of fraud relating to Lake Austin Development.


The legal definition of fraud:

A false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury.

What happened to you may well have been a criminal fraud. On your own it is an expensive and difficult thing to prove. As part of a class action you can cheaply have this matter pursued to its logical and just conclusion by proper legal team. There are a large number of us who are now in this action together pooling evidence and using our combined resource efficiently.

Inside Track together with sister company Instant Access Properties were multi-million pound enterprises. They had a collective turnover of £200 million. They offered us property discounted by 10-15% from market prices secured on the basis of our aggregated buying power. IAP was a large company they sold 1 in 11 of all newly built properties in the UK, so it seemed plausible. We were to enjoy the benefit of extensive due diligence which they told us included RICS (or equivalent surveys) on all properties. They claimed to scour the globe in search of the best deals. For these services we paid Membership fees ranging from £6-8000 (depending on Jim Moore‘s deal of the day!) plus a monthly subscription and finders fee on all purchases.

In 2008, after paying themselves multi-million pound dividends, IAP was placed into voluntary liquidation. A phoenix company (IAP Global) was started by the same directors it collected circa £3.5 million of client’s fees, before being wound up.

Jim Moore and Brad Rosser the Chairman and Vice Chairman of IAP both became listed in The Times Rich List with personal fortunes in excess of £70 Million. The other two directors of IAP were Maria Gifford and Anthony “Tony” McKay.

If you had any direct contact with the above directors by phone, email or during  presentations, do please get in touch with me your information could be valuable.

NOW The Secretary of State has issued proceedings against Maria Gifford, Jim Moore and Brad Rosser for tax fraud, this involved the $ Millions of commissions they collected on the sale of our Florida Properties.

The Lies IAP Told:

Lie – 100% of the discount goes to the clients.
Fact – The directors arranged for massive hidden commissions to be paid to themselves and other companies they controlled. They had direct interests in some of the foreign developments they sold. Frequently their clients paid more for the properties than members of the public, a direct result of the hidden commissions.


Lie – Properties were chosen on the basis of extensive due diligence including RICS surveys.
In the US IAP acted as an agent selling almost exclusively properties where the directors had large undisclosed interests. In Spain clients often paid above the market price in order to accommodate IAP’s undeclared commission. There is almost no evidence of independent RICS type surveys for these properties.


I could go on and on about the number of specific lies told to members by the organisation in order to get clients to invest. Sometimes they concealed that rentals did not cover the mortgage, for example when this information was known (Bahama Bay). Other times clients were led to believe that deposits were fully protected by bank guarantee. The examples are literally endless.


In 2006 ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) rulings found that Inside Track Seminars breached codes of Responsibility, Honesty and Truthfulness.

What Can We Do?

I am taking an action in the High Court to hold the directors of IAP personally responsible. The action is costly, I need to pay for the best legal counsel to argue the case in court, and it represents a massive financial risk for me personally. BUT holding the directors personally responsible is of immense significance and is about creating a way for everyone else to make a claim without needing to take the immense personal risks I am taking.

AS I overturn each obstacle it paves the way for a smoother class action.

As the battle continues for us to get justice and compensation from the directors of IAP, the fight is only possible due to the help and support of fellow IAP members. Many members feel the same as me that we should bring these people to justice and get compensation from them for our losses.

If you are keen to ensure that this case continues, you can support me. A small donation from you will enable me to fight on.

Please Click below to support this action

With many of us pursuing our right for justice these people can and will be held to account.

I want to thank everyone who has already been kind enough to send donations which are keeping my case in the courts, however small your donation it will enable me to continue the fight. It allows me to keep going and as I overturn each obstacle it will pave the way for a smoother class action.


174 thoughts on “Fighting IAP

  1. Hi Tamsin. I too was with Inside Track, and latterly contacted by Delta Litigation. Have got addess,email, tel info details no doubt like others above. And yes, they have also recently asked me to provide them with the VERY DANGEROUS request for power of attorney over my affairs. Since others above, AND the fact that this theme has been going on for some years, yet Delta Litigation and their previous names have been operating out of the same physical address all this time,and with impunity, what I don’t understand is that although there are lots of advice sites asking that such things be reported, yet despite evidence, documents, correspondence etc from educated people including previous writers above, why have the Spanish authorities or Police done NOTHING to actually stop their continuing corrupt and potentially ruinous actions ? Does Spain genuinly not care ? Regards. Steve

    • Unfortunately these people operate offshore in southern Spain so our police authorities cannot do much – but I think it is important for the police/action fraud to know that we are being scammed from abroad.

      I believe the Spanish police did raid their premises on one occasion – but it is so easy to close up start again – or indeed operate anywhere -from a back bedroom – as all it requires is a phone line.

      If Delta Litigation attempts to call you can report them to the police here – to action fraud so they are aware or email

      You should give the following Crime Reference Number:


      Detective Constable Garside is working on the case.(she is on maternity leave – so it might be someone else)

      Her e-mail is;

      Police Telephone Number: 014836–37746

  2. As Delta Litigation have been in touch today, I checked on line and found this website. I’ve therefore just sent an email to Vicky Garside but it would appear she’s on long term leave until September next year. Have you been given the name of will be taking over her work? The phone number is going straight to voicemail which doesn’t say she’s away long term.

    I’d also be interested to know if there is any chance of getting some of my money back from buying a property near Glasgow via Inside Track / IAP.

    • Dear Cathy,
      If Vicky is on long term leave I suggest you phone the central office at Surrey Police and make sure Delta Litigation get reported.Or you can phone Action Fraud – but it tends to be a long wait before your get through to anyone helpful.
      Call me and we can talk through any options you may have. I am not claims regulated – but happy to share the knowledge I have built up through many years of trying to help IAP victims.
      best wishes Tamsin 0772 306 20 70

  3. Hi Tamsin, it looks like you are focused on recovery from Florida and Spain ? I bought two properties off plan in the UK and have probably lost around £40k through mis-selling. Do you know of any similar groups looking to recover money from UK sold properties – of course apart from Delta Litigations !!!!

    • Dear Tony,
      I need to let you know I am not a claims company who are regulated to give claims advice ( what I know is built up through many years of helping IAP victims) and won’t charge you a fee but you are welcome to give me a call and we can chat, I will try and share what I know that might help.
      There are several possible solutions:
      Lawbird the attorney in Spain have most experience on getting deposits back – they have successfully taken over about 200 to 300 cases ( from the IAP lawyers Plus Advisors who were negligent in not properly protecting your deposit )To date Lawbird have recovered around 8 million euro for people who lost their Spanish deposits.

      Lawbird are also suing Plus Advisors for negligence.

      If you took money out of your house through Fuel, we can have a chat about your various options – Fuel were negligent in their advice – you cannot sue Fuel unfortunately because they closed the business down ) just like we can’t sue IAP – but there is a limited compensation scheme available.

      Florida – Jim Moore has been arrested – and is in Federal Jail awaiting trial – there might be some options to explore.

      Do give me a call.
      with best wishes
      Tamsin 0772 306 2070

      • Hi Tamsin,

        I have recently been contacted by a Kate Masters of Delta Litigation with the pot of money in frozen assets in Spain story and requiring £437 for lawyers expenses to pursue the claim through Spanish Courts. I will pass the contact on to Surrey Police as you suggested. At the time we did a remortgage through Fuel and would like to discuss with you what we can do.
        We did join Instant Access/Inside Track and paid part of a deposit on a Spanish Property but then found a better alternative way of investing and pulled out.
        Many thanks

        • Dear Roger,
          It helps when as many of us as possible report Delta Litigation to the police.
          As well as Delta, Fastline and a new one cropped up recently, I think it is called Litigation Services. There are a number of companies who simply cold call IAP members from the old data base. One of them ‘Claims Services’ is actually working with former members of Fuel/Inside Track Group – milking us again.
          Tamsin 0772 306 2070

  4. Dear Tamsin,

    It’s great to see that you are making the IAS directors lives difficult. I bought 2 flats off plan in the UK. The studio in Leeds I paid £75000 over 10 years ago, which are now selling for around £50,000. I pulled out of another flat in the North East after finding out the building was on flood plains. I paid around £20,000 over 3 years for their annual fees, plus buyers fees for the 2 properties. I never got anywhere near the rental income that I was promised.
    Do you think I would have any recourse, or would the courts just see this as an unfortunate downturn in the property market as opposed to mis-selling?


    • Dear Doug,
      You are welcome to call me on 0772 306 2070, We can have a quick chat. I have one or two ideas which might help you.

  5. Hi

    Similarly been contacted by Delta litigation today. They claimed I could recover from Spain for fees, memberships, discounts and commissions but git shirty and hung up on me when i enquired about rulimga they were claiming would enable comeba k. Will file a report as above.

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